Saturday, 26 January 2013

MAC's "Archie's Girls" Line is Stuck in the Past

I'm concerned that MAC's pop culture lines are getting a little... stale. I loved the Barbie line, because it made sense. I loved the Venemous Villains line because it was a very cool idea to focus on the baddies instead of the Princesses for a change -- and the colors were amazing. I loved so many of the lines that they've put out, but... Archie?

I read Archie comics as a kid and, admittedly, loved them, but this does seem to be coming a little out of left field.

More to the point, it's preying off that very stale blonde vs. brunette catfight ideal that literally has not changed in the 65 years that they've been making these comics.

Betty is sweet and cute, Veronica is bitchy and hot. They essentially split a normal woman into two halves and made both halves charicatures -- all for the benefit of some ginger dork.

But archaic sexism aside, the line itself is just a little boring. If they had even gone for a blondes vs. brunettes theme, at least there might be some fun items for someone to pick out to match their own coloring, but instead they've gone for the slut vs. angel concept, and the result is some uninspiring products and colors.

You can see the whole range at Temptalia, but unlike the Oz the Great and Powerful pallette from Urban Decay, I'm not tempted in the least.

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  1. oo I actually love this range :) the packaging makes me smile and the colours are bright and cheerful :)

    I wish they had done the barbie range later as I wasn't into make up then !!

    check out my blog; and it would be great if you want to follow each other xx