Monday, 28 January 2013

GH Review: EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm


I wouldn't say that I dislike most lip balms, but I will admit that a good one is hard to find. I don't like the super-medicated ones or the ones with lots of tingly mint or the ones that feel waxy or the ones that are too creamy.

While I'm not quite ready to declare the EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew lip balm my all-time favorite, I will say that it pretty much nailed everything I wanted it to do. First, the packaging is very cute. Given that lip balms have either been in a pot or a tube for decades now, introducing a third option does make this seem like a bit of a novelty purchase. The egg shape is great in that you can kind of move your lips around on the product, instead of vice-versa, but that you also aren't sticking your fingers into a tub and then spreading them on your mouth, which bothers germaphobes.

But what I really like about the EOS HH balm is that the flavor/scent is really light, but juicy -- it smells exactly like the name: not over-sweet and not tingly-mint.

The texture is very smooth -- not waxy and not overly creamy. You can feel it slightly moisturizing your lips, but also locking in the moisture to prevent chapping (which is the actual purpose of most lip balms).

It becomes addicting to grab it out of your pocket and apply it several times a day -- but I will caution that, like with most lip balms, over-use can lead to your lips drying out faster when you don't have it on hand constantly.

As for the way it looks, it obviously doesn't add any color to the lips and gives a slight wet/waxy effect when first applied, but eventually settles and doesn't show up much at all.

All in all, I'd have to give this product an A -- I can't think of anything I don't like about it and the price (usually in the $3-4 range) makes it very affordable for anyone looking to pick up a balm.


  1. I love this lipbalm! :D However, it does not last on my lips -.-

    1. I've only ever found one lip balm that has stayed perfect on my lips and actually healed them (which was the e45 lip balm which I can't get in North America). Otherwise, I kind of enjoy the act of re-applying lip balm, because I'm a bit twitchy and awkward.