Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bioderma on Sale at Shoppers Drug Mart

Quick update for Canadians: Shoppers Drug Mart has priced all of its Bioderma products at 25% off right now. A lot of the Vichy Normaderm and other higher-end drug store skin care products are on promotion as well, but since Bioderma is particularly hard to track down at a good price in North America, I thought I'd mention it.

The one near my work has already sold out of the Crealine H20 completely (normally $22.00, on sale for $16.50), but the skin creams and oily-skin cleansers are still available.

I was sorely tempted, but I still have two makeup removal products to get through, so I thought I'd pass the news along to any Canadian Bioderma fans out there.

Happy shopping!

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