Monday, 7 January 2013

GH Review: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Airbrush Spray Makeup

I’m a little torn on whether or not I want to review all of the Sally Hansen “Inspired by Carmindy” products that I’ve bought, given that I’m still not 100% sure whether the line has been discontinued or not. If you’d rather I only review products that are still definitely available, please let me know.


My main frustration is with application – the back of the bottle recommends spraying it into your hands and applying, but while I like applying liquid and cream foundations with my fingers, this is a bit more awkward as it’s hard to get a concentrated spray going, and when you do it looks a bit like bubbly beige acid, which isn’t the most inviting texture for something you’re about to rub on your face. 

A light spray of the foundation right onto the skin.
A thicker spray -- the amount you'd need to spray onto your fingertips to apply

The finish when worked into the skin with fingers.

Ultimately I find the finish nice – though it feels heavy, it doesn’t look it. But given the awkward application and slightly heavy feel, I’ve come to use this foundation more for making my own tinted moisturizer.

I spray a little of the Sally Hansen foundation directly into a light day moisturizer until I feel like there’s enough to give me slight coverage, then I add a bit of skin illuminator (I used Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Feeling Younger, which I’ll review a bit later), mix the whole thing up with a popcicle stick and apply directly to my skin. Because of the formula of the spray-on foundation, it mixes very well with the creams and doesn’t separate or flake off the way I’ve had happen with some cream foundation.

I can do a separate review of my DIY tinted moisturizer, since it is a different finish/consistency. 

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