Friday, 25 January 2013

GH Review: Redken All Soft Conditioner

Make-up Alley has been my go-to resource for product reviews for over five years now. I find the ratings are usually pretty dead-on and the search database for narrowing down age and skin or hair characteristics is great. But one mistake I've made a few times now is just to type in something like "Conditioner" and see what the product with the highest number of reviews and ratings is, expecting it to be my instant HG product.

Such was the case with Redken's All Soft Conditioner, which boasts a 4/5 rating after 645 reviews. But I should've listened to my own advice when it comes to my frizzy/wavy/curly hair: don't trust anything that promises "softness." Softness is often synonymous with a heavy conditioner that weighs hair down and makes it soft but very, very fluffy and poofy. It loosens my natural curl and gives me major triangle hair.

The sad thing is that if my hair texture were different, I would probably love this conditioner. As it stands, however, I'm probably going to have to find someone else to give it to, since I've tried for nearly a year to make it work and it's become clear that no shampoo combo will improve the results.

Given the great review on MUA, I bought the huge hairdresser-sized container with the pump and I've probably finished maybe half of it. I do hate wasting product, but I feel somewhat better knowing that I seriously gave this a solid try and know for a fact that it just won't work out.

So if you do have straight hair, this would probably be a great conditioner for creating improving dryness or damage, but anyone with wave or curl should steer clear.


  1. Yeah, I have wavy straight hair, and have their "Volumizing" formula... I'm in love! My friend has their curl enhancing formula and seems to groove on it.

    1. I'll try those out -- thanks for the recommendation!