Tuesday, 29 January 2013

GH Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Blush in Rosy Glow

      While I've certainly owned more expensive blushes, I don't think I've ever liked one as much as I love the Physician's Formula mineral blush in "Rosy Glow." For a long time, my all-time favorite was Lancome's Shimmer Pink Pool which retails for about $40, though it did last me about four years. It was a beautiful bright pink color shot with silver glitter and I loved it. But glittery blushes get harder to wear once you've left school, even though I could probably justify the price given the longevity of the product.

But on a whim, I picked up the entire "Fair" mineral collection from Physician's Formula, which included a powder foundation, blush and mineral veil. The blush was the stand-out of the three.

A very pretty, subtle color that gives -- just as the name suggests -- a rosy glow to the face. Where the Lancome blush was very vivid and obvious, this blush really could be mistaken for a natural flush.

Much like the Milani blush, the secret compartment complete with useless brush (not photographed) and equally useless mirror is a little silly, but it doesn't actively hurt my feelings for the product since it doesn't get in the way of my normal use. 

Speaking of normal use, you get a massive color payoff from this blush. I usually just lightly tap my brush onto the surface and get enough for one cheek. I've never had to swirl or work up the product in the pan -- even when it was down to its last dregs (this is the second time I've bought it).

As with a lot of Physician's Formula products, the blush has a mottled mix of a couple of different colors which, when swept together, create the ideal shade. Obviously this is a gimmick, since once enough of the product has been used the two colors pretty much blend together in the pan anyway, but it's a cute effect.
Because the color is so subtle, I over-did it in these swatches to give you a better idea of the shade itself. It's a fairly bright pink, but as you can see in the lower shot, it blends very believably into the skin. Again, this makes it look like my hand is suffering from a high fever, but you can see how just a touch on the apples of your cheeks would make for a beautiful, natural blush.

In short, I love this blush. It feels nice, it looks nice and it lasts forever -- maybe not quite four years, but given that it costs a quarter of what my old Lancome favorite did, having to re-purchase every two years instead of four is still a bargain and hardly inconvenient.

Overall, I give this blush an A+ -- for now, at least, it's my HG.

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