Wednesday, 30 January 2013

GH Review: Dr. Wu Extreme Hydrate Bleming Balm (BB) Cream

I'm going to sound like a broken record soon, but believe me when I say that if you want a BB cream, always stick with the asian ones.  Luckily most western BB creams offer testers at local drug stores, which has kept me from buying any by mistake. 

A BB Cream is not a tinted moisturizer and it's not a foundation -- it's somewhere between the two, but it's also meant to serve a third purpose. Whether or not BB Creams actually clear up skin, I don't know. I've never tried one on a breakout or a pimple. But I will say that they are amazing at giving good coverage while at the same time feeling light and looking dew-y.

Of the two I've tried -- the Skin79 Hot Pink BB and this one -- I will say that I prefer Skin79. I found it lighter-feeling and more complimentary to my skin tone. This one actually provides fuller coverage, which wasn't something I was looking for.

 The color range is obviously non-existent -- you're either incredibly pale, in which case this will work for you, or you're not. In fairness, nearly all drug store foundations are too dark for me, so it is nice to  have a product that I know will blend well with my ghost-white skin.

That is clearly the one major downside to asian BB creams, though they have started offering some off-white shades, they're probably not going to have anything for genuinely tanned skin for a while.
 Though it does look somewhat yellow in the swatch, it oxidizes well and blends in naturally with my more NC-15, pink-y skin. One thing I love about both of the BB Creams that I've tried is that you genuinely cannot see it on the skin -- even in direct sunlight. They are a miracle product that way.

 While I liked this BB cream a lot, I've gone off foundation for the last little bit -- particularly since getting my Clarisonic. So I did mix this with a moisturizer to make a nice tinted moisturizer (something I'll review/DIY post later) and it blends very well with other products.

In short, while Skin79 was still the better of the two, I'd give this product an A. Were I looking for fuller coverage, it would definitely be my go-to.

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