Thursday, 29 November 2012

GH Review: Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in "Rose Satin"

I've only been trying this one for about four days, but I have to tap out early because I can't stand it anymore.

This lip gloss is part of the possibly now-defunct Carmindy for Sally Hansen line, which is a shame because a lot of the other products from this range were great.

This gloss, however, is something of a nightmare. The shame of it is that it looks really nice. As you can see from the photo below, it has a sheer, warm berry color that gives the lips a hydrated look without having that "porn star" gloss effect. 

But that's where the praise ends.


First, the brush -- I'm not sure why it's curved. In theory, I suppose this should make for easier application, but instead I found it somewhat annoying and difficult to use. Mostly because it kept bending and then would apply too much product in one pass.

But mostly it's the "Forever Stay" part that caused the issue. This is the worst of both worlds when it comes to a long-lasting lip product. Kissing my boyfriend goodbye with this on is, in his words, "like licking a frozen pole." It physically painful to un-stick your mouth from someone else's -- or even to un-stick one lip from the other should you accidentally press them together. It's worse in that sense than a Mac lip glass because it seems to be actively trying to bond to your lips, rather than just being "sticky."

Yet at the same time, the second any kind of food or liquid touches this, it disappears completely. Thankfully it doesn't leave that trashy-looking outer ring of lip product, but it literally just seems to melt away from my mouth, requiring re-application every time I have a coffee.

This would've been much better as a regular gloss that didn't promise ultimate staying power. As it is, I probably won't use it again. I can't think of a time when I won't need to press my lips together, kiss someone or eat and drink for twelve hours.

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