Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Video of the Week: Lisa Eldridge's Ultimate Guide to Red Lips

Lisa Eldridge is a renowned makeup artist currently repping for Chanel, which means she's responsible for making Keira Knightley look beautiful for big premieres and events. Elridge's work, as you've seen on Knightley for the past few years, is gorgeous (picture below).

Thankfully, she often posts videos of how she achieved particular looks, including the one below. But what I really love is her red lip guide. First, because she starts by saying she doesn't much believe in the "rules" when it comes to red lips, and also because she shares my belief that red lips look best "out of context" -- ie. with a sweater and jeans rather than a full-on gown.

Those obsessed with the teeny-bopper makeup gurus should really be watching the fantastic Elridge instead. Why take tips from a kid who's worked a make-up counter when you can listen to a seasoned and talented artist?

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