Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Don't Go to Victoria's Secret for Victoria's Secret Beauty Tips

Those looking for helpful tips on how to get a great smokey eye like Candice Swanepoel or rosy cheeks like Miranda Kerr will be disappointed by the recent press release from VS makeup artist, Tom Pecheux. The Daily Glow offers the following summary:

Saying that they wanted the models to look "extremely sexy, powerful, and the definition of perfection," Tom Pecheux revealed that for the skin, they "went for a healthy finish with peachy cheeks, as if [they]'ve just come back from a run." For the lips, the brand's Glossy Tint Lip Sheen in berry was applied all over and then a bright pink shade was applied just to the center. To create a wide-eyed yet natural look, Tom Pecheux lined the upper eyelids with black eyeliner then traced the line with brown eyeliner. Bottom lashes were lined with brown eyeliner. Similarly, black mascara was used on the top lashes and brown mascara on the bottom lashes.
But surely that's not all there is. What about primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder and eye shadow? And how does one apply power or sexiness? It seems as though Victoria's Secret is more devoted to perpetuating an image of its Angels as flawless faces (that need nothing more than a bit of eyeliner and mascara) than to giving its consumers a full and accurate run-down of the show's beauty routine.

You'd think a company that sells makeup, presumably the makeup it uses on its models for fashion shows, would want their customers buying as many products as possible to mimic particular models' looks. 

I'm not mad, I'm just curious. I'd love to see the full start-to-finish run-down from the company itself.

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