Monday, 3 December 2012

GH Review: Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Pink Lustre Natural Highlighter

Again, this is another product from the potentially discontinued Carmindy line from Sally Hansen. I say "potentially" because I can't seem to get any confirmation that the products have been pulled from Sally Hansen or Carmindy's websites. Sally Hansen still has the products up, but when you go to them on Carmindy's website, you get an error page.

In any event, they didn't look they were moving much at the Shoppers on Commercial, which is the only place I ever used to see them, and then they had a huge clearance sale of all the items to make room for the new holiday products. So it's possible they're coming out with a new line in Spring, but it seems doubtful.

This product, however, I bought about a year ago when the range first showed up at Shoppers, along with an eye shadow trio (which I'll be reviewing later in the week). I love highlighters because I like when my skin looks dewy and shimmery -- even if it looks a touch unnatural.

The benefit to this highlighter, as you can see above, is the fact that they have a warmer, pinker shade for cheeks and a white shade for the rest of the face. Truthfully, I tend to just use the white side -- more because it shows up better than the pink. The pink offers a very subtle, pretty highlight, while the white side is a more visible glimmer.

The only trouble with this is that it has a tendency to mix poorly with any foundation -- be it powder or liquid or cream -- so I'd recommend only using this highlighter on bare skin. Otherwise it winds up "caking" on the skin.

The shade says "Pink Lustre," but I was fairly sure there was only one highlighter shade available when I looked. It's possible they had a gold version at another point.

 Here is what they both look like when swatched thickly on my hand. Even with a thick appliation, you can see how much more visible the white is than the pink.

And here is the two swirled together with flash (so you can better see the shimmer). Again, very subtle but visible.

Overally, I like this highlighter fine, but the fact that you can't wear it over foundation is a bit of a problem, since typically I use highlighter for the full "glam" look when I want my skin to look perfect and dewy. If you're looking for a high lighter that will just add a bit of sheen to your every day look, this would be fine, but I'd still stick with a powder, like the one I got from Marcelle a little while ago.

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