Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mirror, Mirror: Chanel's New Collection Takes its Beauty Cues from Versailles

 According to Canoe, Chanel's newest line (created by the legendary Peter Philips) will be a capsule collection inspired by the palace of Versailles. Says Canoe:
Packaged in the classic Chanel compact box, the concealer is designed to transfer the pomp and splendor of life in the royal household into modern life, and is embossed in relief with an architectural detail from the famous Ch√Ęteau. Pink lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher complete the collection.
 When I first heard this, I was at least hoping that it would be taking its cues from the beauties who lived inside the palace -- namely the infamous Marie Antoinette who, according to her portraiture, loved an enormous amount of rouge and blue eyeshadow -- but instead it just seems like it's affecting the packaging, while the cosmetics inside are essentially whatever Philips wants them to be.

I'm sure it'll look pretty, but it seems as though more thought could've gone into this. Why not some let them eat cake pink gloss, poor circulation blue eyeshadow, a highlighting powder inspired by the sparkling tears of the poor or free-flowing neck wound red lipstick?

The collection is due out on December 1st of this year. Decapitation is optional.

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