Tuesday, 5 February 2013

GH Review: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Liquid Foundation

 This is literally the first and only disappointing product that I've ever bought from Physician's Formula, which is in part why I disliked it so much. 

This is meant to be a liquid mineral foundation from their Mineral Wear line. I'd loved the powder foundation and the blush and the mineral veil, so I figured that this would be another great addition to the collection.

It was not.

 First off, there's the design. The very flimsy plastic base is meant to be squeezed out through a sponge in the top. Now normally I'm not a big germaphobe -- I even hate hand sanitizers because I think it's a mistake to constantly remove all the bacteria and oils from your hands -- but the idea of a permanent sponge at the top of my foundation which is hard to remove and harder to clean was kind of gross.
 I've only used this foundation 3-4 times, and this is what it already looks like (it started off an eggshell color). And, unfortunately, the top of the sponge looks like what it looks like.

Then there's a tiny, loonie-sized mirror at the top. I can't imagine a situation where I'd be trying to put on my foundation and looking into a tiny peephole to ensure that it's even. It's more just a bit silly than anything else.
 But on to the product itself. This is the lightest shade they carry -- Classic Ivory, which is always my PF shade. Normally the lightest shade in a range is just slightly too light, because I have so much pink in my skin. This, on the other hand, is distinctly orange.
Now maybe the colors got mixed up and they put the Classic Ivory sticker on the Creamy Natural. I don't know. But what I do know is that I don't want my face to look like this.
 But color aside, this foundation highlights and exaggerates lines and pores like nothing else. You both look like a pancake when you're wearing it, but an old and wrinkly pancake. And I'm not even 25 yet.
 So unfortunately this was a dud. I can't think of any redeeming qualitie about it, from the packaging to the color to the wear. It does, however, mix nicely with a lighter shade and some moisturizer, so it has been added to my ever-growing witches' brew of a tinted moisturizer, in an attempt to not waste it completely.

Gross penis sponge not included.

I'll give this a C-, since I was able to turn it into a tinted moisturizer.

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