Monday, 4 February 2013

GH Review; e.l.f. High Definition Powder

I'd heard that the e.l.f. powder was a good dupe for MUFE's HD, so I picked it up the 8g Translucent for $6.00 at Target a while back. It was the very last one left, and I'd never been able to find one before, so I assume a lot of people have bought this in the hope of getting that "unfocused" look.

 I've never actually tried the MUFE powder, although I've been a little wary because of the now infamous flashback issues. But I figured it was a smaller risk in the $6 version than the slightly fuller $32 version.
 In terms of application, a loose powder is always going to be a bit messy. The container comes with a puff, which I don't typically love because I find that patting makes the powder fly everywhere.
 Obviously you should keep the puff in the container itself, however, to avoid a chalky mess when you open it.
 Normally I sprinkle a little powder in the lid and then tap a kabuki brush (I had lost my last one, so I picked it up from e.l.f. as well for $6) and then swirl it over my face -- usually after I've applied my foundation or tinted moisturizer.

 I will say that I don't notice a huge difference when it's on. Maybe my pores look a little less visible, but otherwise it's not a fantastic difference. I took some photos of my hand -- one with the powder on in natural light, one with flash and one with daylight.

But it is still tough to tell. My hand does look a bit chalky in the flash picture, but I've tested it a few times and I don't seem to get the crazily powdered eyes or nose that you typically see on red carpets, so that at least is a relief.

In any event, what I found a little weird about this powder is that the second time I used it, my face felt greasy -- and I've never had a greasy face in my life. It always tends more toward dryness or sensitivity, but otherwise it's pretty normal. A co-worker told me that it was likely the silica and that it was the same issue she'd had with the MUFE powder.

Regardless, I found the greasiness a little off-putting. I tried it a few more times, and the greasiness wasn't as bad, but I'm still a little wary.

As far as setting powders go, it's not bad at all. I am concerned that it does leave a bit of a white cast on my skin, since I don't need to be any paler, but other than that I was reasonably pleased with this.

I'll give it a round B for now.

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