Wednesday, 6 February 2013

GH Review: Lush Emotional Brilliance Feeling Younger Skin Tint

 I bought this cream highlighter when Lush debuted its Emotional Brilliance collection last year.

Normally I prefer a powder highlighter, but I got a little carried away at my excitement at the prospect of Lush makeup (I'm still mourning the short-lived B Never spin-off) and picked it up to try.

The Lush website reports:

We wanted a highlighting skin tint that would give a gorgeous glow wherever it was applied, so we started with a base of beautiful ingredients (as we like to do). Soothing oatmeal decoction, cocoa butter and some of the best oils for the skin, jojoba and almond oils are blended together for a nourishing base that’s good for your skin. Blended in is a pigment that reflects light, brightening cheek bones, brow bones, the inner eyelid or even your décolletage for a sexy glow. 

I notice that they've started calling this a "base/primer" as well, which seems like a mistake. This works best as a highlighter after makeup has been applied -- not before. And the write-up itself seems to concur. 
 As with a lot of Lush products, this is not for the germaphobes. It does require you to stick your fingers straight into the little 20g pot and then smear it directly onto your skin. I'm sure you could try dipping sponges or popcicles sticks, but I've found that my fingers give a great, natural finish with most cream and liquid products.
 The cream looks a little chalky-white when thickly applied and should be worked into the skin immediately, as it will slightly dry if you leave it.

For the most part, I use this as a highlighter and not -- as the Lush website indicates -- as a base, since I think the effect would be a little too shiny-looking. But as a highlighter, it looks gorgeous when lining my upper cheekbone/just beneath the undereye.

It doesn't look flashy or obvious, but gives a very subtle glow to the area.
 It's a bit hard to see here in natural light.
The flash, however, gives the full, dewy, glowing effect.

$18.95 might seem a little steep for such a small product, but this lasts forever and a tiny bit goes a very long way. Much as I like my Marcelle highlighter, I do prefer the gorgeous luminousness that this gives my skin.

For that, I give Lush's Feeling Younger an A.


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