Monday, 23 September 2013

Review: LUSH Bath Bomb in "Twilight"

I had a $75 gift card to LUSH, so I went on a major spree on Saturday and bought up an armful of bath bombs and bubble bars. I tried to make it a solid balance of old favorites and new(er) releases that I'd  yet to try as it's been a while since I've visited the store's bath section. 

In my rush to relax, I completely forgot to take any photos of the first bomb I used, Twilight, or its really amazing two-color fizz combo. So instead, I'll have to ask you to join me on a trip through the realm of imagination:

The Twilight bomb is thankfully vampire reference-free, and is instead a relaxing "sleepytime" bomb -- something I probably should've checked before throwing it in the tub at 11am on a Sunday. In any event, the smell -- which is mainly lavender oil -- is faint but pleasant and it made for a soothing experience without making me nod off in the water.

The real star of this product, however, is the one-two punch of color. When the bomb first begins to dissolve, it turns your bathwater the pink-y color of the last moment of a summer sunset. Then, as the bomb dissolves, a second jet of celestial blue shot through with twinkly silver glitter combines with the sunset pink to create the exact color of twilight.

I don't think I've ever been so impressed by the thought process that must've gone into making a bath bomb before. 

Long story short: I was extremely pleased with Twilight and if you're in the market for a bath bomb, Twilight is a great choice for adding a little extra drama to your bath time fun.

Twilight gets an A+ grade for the nice, faint smell, the soothing properties and the super-cool bath tub sunset effect.

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