Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Now at Shoppers Drug Mart

I've been scouring the shelves for this product for weeks since my return from the UK and I've finally spotted them at Shoppers. The Canadian branding retains the UK name of "Apocalips," rather than the confusing American re-titling of Show-Offs -- which made no sense given that they kept the space-themed color names like Big Bang and Celestial.

From what I could tell, Shoppers has the full, watermelon candy-scented range in stock at the Commercial Drive location in Vancouver, British Columbia. They even appear to have a few colors I didn't see in Boots.

I already had Big Bang, Celestial and Galaxy, so I picked up Apocaliptic and Aurora this time around.

Happy hunting, Canadians.


  1. SO EXCITED! How much were they at Shoppers? (:

    1. $9.99, so not "crazy," but they'll definitely be available for cheaper soon. I just couldn't wait.