Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June 2013 TopBox Review

I started my TopBox subscription a few months ago, but truth be told I wasn't impressed enough by its offerings to post a review until this month. This month was a huge and very pleasant surprise -- not only did I like every single thing I received, but three of the four items were full-sized.

For those who can't read the ingredients list above, this month's regular, non-Prive box included the following:

Belvada Cosmetics Mini Eyelash Curler

 A very cute little portable eyelash curler which Belvada sells on their own website for $5.99.

Benefit Cosmetics' Sugarbomb Ultra Plus Gloss

  As the name would suggest, it's a sweet-smelling, non-sticky, rose-colored gloss. Can't wait to properly try it out. Full size (15mL) is $19.00, so this 6.5mL sample is valued at $8.23.

Jelly Pong Pont Cosmetics Fairy Lashes Mascara

A cute, basic mascara with a normal wand. Apparently this full-sized sample is valued at £15 on the company's website and $24.00 in Canada. Another one I can't wait to test out.

Lise Watier Solo Eyeshadow in Blue Cuaraco

 Another full-sized sample, this Lise Watier solo shadow is a gorgeous light '60s-style blue. I've actually been wanting something identical to it for ages. Valued at $18.00.

So this month's TopBox not only looks impressive, but comes to a whopping $56.22. Not bad for $12 a month.


  1. Dude I want Topbox so bad but they won't take my Visa Debit. I wrote them to complain and their response? "Sorry, we don't take Visa debit." like yeah, I know, thanks, that's my problem, asshats. I'm signed up to Julep, Ipsy, and Beautybox5 myself.

    1. Many companies don't take Visa debit, just get a normal visa with a really low credit limit and be done with it.

    2. Actually, ipsy, Glossybox, luxe box by loosebutton all take debit visa, well took for GB. I use a prepaid from mogo.com and they are awesome. Not sure why topbox wont get over it and start using it. I had to cancel my subscription because I got rid of my credit cards.

    3. Visa Debit is such a mess in Canada for online companies. The authorization/charge process is a nightmare, so it's possibly why they're holding off for now. This is the only subscription box I do, and I like it okay. This month was particularly good, but I wasn't blown away in previous months.

  2. I got pretty well the same box except instead of the Lise Watier, I got a eau de parfum sample, which actually smells nice so not complaining.

  3. I pretty much got the same as well but instead of the Lise Watier I got a China Glaze polish in Jungle Queen

    1. Ooh, I would've loved a new nail polish, but to be honest I don't need one.